Manufacturing optical devices to
order according to customer needs

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Custom-Made Products

KUGE Co., Ltd. offers custom-made optical systems in response to a variety of customer requests.
We conduct alignment, measurement, mounting and other services for optical components.

  • LD characteristics evaluation devices
  • LD,lens and Fiber alignment
  • Wave-guide and Fiber array alignment
  • AWG and Fiber array alignment
  • LD array and Lens fiber array alignment
  • Lens fiber array and Mirror alignment
  • LD and Mirror alignment
  • LD and Mirror alignment
  • Lens alignment

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Offering optical devices best suited to customers

KUGE Co., Ltd. engages in the development, design and manufacture of alignment devices for optical components, such as waveguides, fiber arrays, LDs and PDs, and instruments for mounting micro-optical components and lens inspection devices.
We comprehensively offer from mechanical design to assembly of optical systems, and creation of applications.
Our one-stop system achieves low prices, high quality and short delivery periods.

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KUGE Co., Ltd. responds to the following requests:

  • We wish to place an order for the development of a device that is best suited to us.
  • We hope that you will not only produce devices but also provide us with proposals.
  • We wish to request development with a short delivery period.
  • We wish to increase cost effectiveness.
  • We expect comprehensive after-sales service from you.
  • We are considering producing devices in different categories, and we are seeking a partner who will maintain a long-term relationship with us.
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